Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation added the following to the Daily Operations Information section of its website.

TCO is notifying customers that, pursuant to Section 20 of the General Terms and Conditions of TCO’s FERC Gas Tariff (“Tariff”), TCO is offering a blanket discount for the gathering rate moved into effect on February 1, 2021, subject to refund,  such that it is equal to the generally applicable firm recourse rate of $8.030, and the interruptible recourse rate of 27.00 cents, in effect on January 31, 2021, with such discount assessed according to Part V.14 of TCO’s Tariff on service provided during the month of March 2021 only.
Each shipper desiring the aforementioned gathering discount rate for the month of March 2021 must communicate with TCO by electronic mail (e-mail) at accepting the above-described discount offer, and providing its contact information by March 31, 2021. Shippers acknowledge that said email response shall constitute a written agreement between TCO and the responding Shipper with regard to the discounting of Shipper’s gathering rate for the month of March 2021, as contemplated by Section 20 of the Tariff. [underline added] For more information, please contact your TCO representative.

If you are a producer who sells to a marketing company, you should contact the marketing company.  Additionally, you may wish to visit the Columbia Pipeline website at: