Named Scholarships

The Gas & Oil Association of WV, Inc. (GO-WV), is honored to have a number of named scholarships available annually to children of association members.

The ConServ Scholarship, funded by the Freshwater family, recognizes those serving the oil and gas industry. and is available to students planning to attend a community college or technical school.

The Brian Fox Scholarship, which is funded by the Fox family, recognizes Brian’s life and commitment to the oil and gas industry.

The Jim Gehr Scholarship is given annually to the student who exhibits the greatest commitment to community service.

The Kenny Greenlief Scholarship, funded by Waco Oil & Gas, honors Kenny’s devotion to this industry.

The Duncan Malcolm Scholarship recognizes his commitment to education and music.

The Dale Rettinger Scholarship honors highest academic achievement among applicants.

The Rubin Scholarship, funded by Steve Rubin, honors Dan, Sam and Stan Rubin, for their contributions to the oil and gas industry in West Virginia.

The Lori Miller Smith Scholarship is given to a female student who exhibits a passion for education.