Why you should join GO-WV!

The Gas and Oil Association of WV, Inc. (GO-WV), is the premier organization for this industry in our state that was created to promote and protect a strong, competitive and capable natural gas and oil industry in our state.

GO-WV is one of the largest and most influential trade associations in the United States, a position we have earned by working on issues that other oil and gas trade associations were reluctant to tackle.  We are proud of our industry’s history and our record of achievement and we intend to maintain our leadership role in the Appalachian Basin.

GO-WV’s mission is to support and advocate for our 600 member companies and their thousands of employees as they contribute to the growth and prosperity of West Virginia by safely providing reliable, clean energy to meet the needs of our state and our nation.

Our association serves the entire oil and natural gas industry, including all companies and individuals engaged in the extraction and production of natural gas and oil in West Virginia, those involved in oil and natural gas transportation, distribution and processing businesses, and the companies and individuals which support those activities. We represent and serve our members in all areas, including continuing education, safety, legislative, regulatory and environmental stewardship.

We offer a minimum of six regularly scheduled meetings, an association-based major medical insurance program and other related services. GO-WV’s website,, is the online electronic communications vehicle for members and partners. The six regularly scheduled events are the Winter Meeting, the Legislative Reception, the Summer Meeting, the Sports Weekend, safety seminars, pipeline safety seminars in conjunction with the WVPSC and an annual tax seminar.

We invite you to  become a member of GO-WV.   We then want you to become active in our committees and by attending our meetings and seminars.  We are a results-driven trade association committed to remaining focused on those issues of most importance to the oil and natural gas industry.

If you would like to be part of this dynamic organization representing YOUR industry, click here for information on membership.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please call the GO-WV office at (304) 344-9867, or toll free at (877) 898-4642.

GO-WV has two member classifications:

(a) Member. Any employer that is primarily engaged in the exploration, drilling, production, well servicing, gathering, processing, marketing, transportation, storage or distribution of oil, natural gas and/or NGLs, with operations in West Virginia and those employers that are significantly and directly involved in the West Virginia oil and gas industry and provide services, machinery, supplies and materials directly used or consumed in those activities, shall be eligible to become a “Member” of the Association.

(b) Associate. Any individual or business that is engaged in providing ancillary services or activities related to or supportive of the oil and/or natural gas industry not covered by subsection (a) or who otherwise does not qualify as a Voting Member, shall be eligible to become an “Associate Member” of the Association. Associates shall not have voting rights but shall be entitled to receive all Association membership communications and to participate in all Association meetings and events.

Only those who have significant involvement in the natural gas and oil industry in West Virginia, are employers and are approved for membership by the GO-WV Board of Directors are admitted as voting members.  Generally, an “employer” employs employees and: (1) has the power to hire and fire; (2) supervises and controls work schedules or conditions of employment; (3) determines the rate and method of payment; and (4) maintains employment records.  Generally, an employer withholds taxes and social security payments from salaries or wages, and submits W-2 forms.

Although you may not be significantly tied to the industry or be an employer at this time, we welcome you to partner with GO-WV as an associate member.  If you check “no” to any of the qualifying questions below, you will be considered for approval as a GO-WV associate member.