Don’t count on Delegate Lane’s bills moving. They are a political statement and political speak in the worst of ways. Both of the pieces of legislation he has illegally introduced were considered and defeated during the regular session of the legislature.

I want to add that the tone and tenor of matters at the capitol has grown out of control with those responsible members seeking a solution to the budget crisis finding it impossible to deal with others in both parties who have seized upon the moment to advance a political agenda unrelated to what is in the best interest of our state. I truly feel sorry for those trying to do the right thing – balance a budget under the most difficult of circumstances. I have been there and in that position. I feel their pain.

It is very disheartening, but it is probably best that we do not have our issues taken up in the current environment. Any added issues to the intensity of the situation at the capitol would only be counterproductive at this point.  If our matter doesn’t become part of the call at this moment, there is ample time for it to be taken up later. There is a real need to get out of this session as soon as possible before further damage is done.

What is going on now is much, much bigger than anyone could have imagined and without solution soon, the consequences will be so severe, our issue, as important as it is, will pale in comparison.

I really believe a lot of our state’s future and the capacity to deal with problems which are not going to go away is hanging in the balance at this point.