The Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia, with more than 600 company members and the thousands of employees they represent, is proud to announce its endorsement of Patrick Morrisey to be re-elected as West Virginia’s Attorney General. This marks the first time IOGAWV Virginia has endorsed a candidate in West Virginia for statewide office.

Attorney General Morrisey has exemplified characteristics in office which make it vitally important that he continue to finish the work he has started while Attorney General.  Morrisey has become one of the leading Attorneys General in the fight against EPA’s overreaching regulations. In February 2016, under Morrisey’s leadership, the Supreme Court halted implementation of President Obama’s signature climate change initiative, the Clean Power Plan, in an unprecedented win for AG Morrisey and the 26 other state Attorneys General.  Attorney General Morrisey has proven that he and WV can take on the large national interests and prevail when it comes to fighting for WV jobs.

More recently, he has led an effort involving some 16 other states and agencies in challenging the U.S. EPA’s unnecessary regulation of methane gas emissions from oil and natural gas operations.  With West Virginia and Attorney General Morrisey leading the way, litigation was filed this summer to enjoin the implementation of the adverse EPA rule which would unnecessarily impose significant costs for West Virginia oil and gas operators – at a time when markets for natural gas and oil in West Virginia are both depressed.  Many West Virginia oil and gas operators have had to seek relief in the bankruptcy courts, while others are doing all they can to reduce costs of operation to avoid bankruptcy.  Many operators have had to take the drastic measure of laying off employees – long term employees who are the breadwinners for their families.  Attorney General Morrisey knows the significance of these job losses on families and the entire state.  He has demonstrated he understands the struggle faced by oil and gas operators in West Virginia and he has taken the initiative to stand up for one of our state’s main opportunities for economic growth and revenue generation for state and local government – a future in which the oil and gas industry sees a restoration of market demand for clean, abundant natural gas as an energy source.

In 2015, Morrisey helped lead a coalition of states to challenge and win a stay against the EPA “Waters of the United States” rule, a significant victory for homeowners, farmers, and businesses across the country.  Just as he is working now to help the natural gas industry in West Virginia, his legal victories against the Obama Administration have helped to protect West Virginia jobs and uphold the rule of law.

IOGAWV is proud to enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Patrick Morrisey for re-election to the office of Attorney General of West Virginia and encourage our members and employees of members of IOGAWV to support his candidacy.