Regarding Annual Leave for Certain State Employees
Regarding Creation Of The Covid-19 Joint Interagency Task Force (The Covid-19 Jiatf) To Support All Covid-19 Vaccination Preparedness, Deployment, And Delivery Related Lines Of Effort
Regarding Deadlines For Renewal And Payment Of Annual Fees For Video Lottery Machines
Regarding All Youth Winter Sports Teams And Leagues, No Practices, Games Or Other Competition Shall Be Held In This State Until, At The Earliest, January 11, 2021; Other Provisions
Regarding All Doctors, Nurses, Staff And Employees Working At Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities Throughout The State Shall Be Tested For Covid-19 Twice A Week Until Further Notice
Regarding Prohibition of In-Person Instruction In School Classrooms Following The Thanksgiving Holiday
Regarding Wearing A Face Covering When In Confined, Indoor Spaces; Certain Specifics
Regarding The Annual Leave Of Employees Of The WV Military Authority
Regarding Termination of Executive Order 65-20
Regarding Section 4, Prohibited Activities
Regarding Public Auctions For Land Delinquent For The Nonpayment Of Taxes
Regarding Vacation Days Of Certain Employees And Identification Cards For Released Inmates
Regarding In-Person Instruction And-Or Athletic And Extracurricular Activities for Public and Private Schools
Regarding Adjustment To Provisions For “Red,” “Orange,” Or “Gold” Color Categories On The County Alert System
Regarding Annual Leave For Employees Of Local Health Departments And The WV DHHR
Regarding The Suspension Of Statutory Regulation Regarding Unused Annual Leave For Employees Of Workforce WV
Regarding Bars in Monongalia County
Regarding Termination of Executive Order 61-20
Regarding Employees of WorkForce WV
Regarding Bars In Monongalia County Will Remain In Effect Until August 31, 2020
Regarding Visitation in Nursing Home Facilities
Regarding The Pay Schedule And Periods For Teachers And Service Personnel Of West Virginia’s Schools
Regarding Bars in Monongalia County
Amending Executive Order 4-20 To Include The Actively Seeking Work Requirement For Extended Benefits Program
Regarding Educational Institutions And Prohibited Activities
Regarding Food, Drink and Occupancy Services Available At Bars In Monongalia County
Regarding Suspension Of A Statutory Regulation Regarding The Number Of Hours Part-Time Professional Personnel Can Work In A Year
Regarding Payment Of The Annual Assessment Due From Municipalities To The Municipal Home Rule Program
Regarding Bars in Monongalia County
Regarding The Limitation On Gathering Size, Amusement Parks, And Prohibited Activities
Regarding Circumstances For Wearing Face Coverings In Confined, Indoor Spaces
That Declares And Order Provisions Of Previous Executive Orders Are Amended And Supplemented Regarding Fairs, Festivals, Amusement Parks, And Prohibited Activities
Regarding All Units Within The Executive Branch Of State Government Shall Take Immediate Action To Effect A Spending Reduction Of Their General Revenue Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2020
Regarding The Transfer Of Money From The Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund To The Balance Of The General Revenue Fund In Order To Make Timely Payments Of The State’s Obligations
Regarding Deadline Change for Payment of Table Games License Renewal Fee
Regarding Graduation Ceremonies To Be Held By Educational Institutions, Racetracks, And Prohibited Activities
Regarding Campgrounds And Golf Cart Occupancy
Regarding Educational Institutions And Low-Contact Sports
Regarding Gathering Size, Theaters, Casinos, And Prohibited Activities
Regarding Spas And Massage Businesses, Pools, Indoor Amusement, Limited Video Lottery Retailers, And Prohibited Activities
Regarding Food, Beverage, And Agriculture; Museums, Zoos, And Prohibited Activities
Relating to Being “Safer at Home
Order regarding the testing of nursing home residents and staff
Relating to Jackson County
Relating to Marion County
Relating to the Counties of Harrison, Kanawha and Monongalia
Relating to the Counties of Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan
Relating to Delinquent Property Taxes
The Primary Election That Was Scheduled To Be Held On May 12, 2020 Shall Be Moved To June 9, 2020
Relating to CRNA and APRN Licensure and the Refilling of Opioid Prescriptions
All Elective Medical Procedures Are Hereby Prohibited
All Private Campgrounds Shall Be Closed To Any New Arrivals Who Have Traveled From Outside Of West Virginia; Listed Exceptions
All State Park Campgrounds Shall Be Closed; 14-day Isolation For People Traveling To WV From Certain Areas; WV State Police May Monitor The State Roads And Highways For Travel From Those Areas; Failure To Comply Shall Be A Misdemeanor
Suspension Of Listed Statutory Regulations Regarding Taxes
Listed Statutory Regulations That Are To Be Reinstated Immediately
Amends Paragraph 5 Of Executive Order No. 7-20
Amends Order 7-20 Relating to State Road Bonds
Stay at Home Order and Essential Businesses-Non-essential Businesses
Order regarding state park lodges and Hatfield McCoy Trail
Order suspending statutory regulations during State of Emergency
Order regarding closure of barber shops, nail salons and hair salons
Order regarding courthouse services and staffing
Order regarding unemployment benefits
Order closing all fitness centers, gymnasiums, recreation centers and similar businesses
Covid-19 State of Emergency

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