We wish to take this opportunity to first, thank you for your  continued support of the various platforms by which IOGA brings important updates and information to you.  Zoom has of course become a very important tool to do things that have always traditionally been done in person.

One such activity is political events.  Below are details for an upcoming zoom meeting with the WV Attorney General.  Although Patrick has given us an update on matters early in the pandemic via zoom, this upcoming virtual event is important.

I am asking each of you to please consider signing up to attend as soon as possible if you can.  Financial contributions are not required but are encouraged.  We have $5,600 in contributions thus far with a goal of $7500 – $10,000.  The main thing at this point is that we (IOGA members) have a good showing on zoom with our AG who puts words into action on behalf of our industry possibly as well as anyone.  He is a tireless worker for WV and is deserving of continued support.

Please join me on Oct. 22 at 4:00p to listen in to Patrick’s message and to allow us an opportunity to raise any issues we deem advisable for the AG to know about.  Click here to register.

Thank you all
Kevin Ellis
Immediate Past President