The initial process of collecting a minimum of 250 individual applications requesting a specialized license plate honoring the oil and natural gas industry has come to fruition!  IOGA and WVONGA have collectively been asking our members to consider applying for a license plate dedicated to the oil and natural gas industry;  a plate that will get us recognized in the same way as other such industries or special interest groups.

Although we have met our minimum hurdle, the applying for, and obtaining of, a specialized plate is an on-going process. It is never too late to apply for a plate.  From this point forward you can access the “West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas” specialty plate below or at the WVDMV website at:

The instructions will direct you complete the application, make your check for $91.50 payable to: IOGA — Special License Plate, and to send both the application and check to:
c/o: Charlie Burd
300 Summers St., Suite 820,
Charleston, WV, 25301