The Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia (IOGA) is in the process of establishing a date and time for an on-line ZOOM teleconference to discuss the newly revised changes in the Zones of Critical Concern (ZCCs), Zones of Peripheral Concern (ZPCs), and Wellhead Protection Areas (WPAs).  A notice on these changes was detailed on page 14 of  the September 2020 issue of the IOGA News and is reprinted below.
As we move to set up a meeting with the WVDEP and the WVDHHR,  we need all producers to review this reclassification data, and COMMUNICATE TO US YOUR QESTIONS OR CONCERNS.  We will document them in advance of confirming a meeting date with the two state departments that oversee AST’s.

Please email your questions or concerns, no later than October 9, to Charlie Burd at
As questions are received, we will establish an agenda of topics and seek to confirm a mid-October ZOOM meeting date with representative of the WVDEP and WVDHHR.  Once a meeting date is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to participate in the meeting.
We thank you for your investigation into these AST Zone changes and assisting us in coordinating the upcoming meeting.

The Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) has provided updated mapping information to WVDEP concerning changes in the Zones of Critical Concern (ZCCs), Zones of Peripheral Concern (ZPCs), and Wellhead Protection Areas (WPAs) which includes the conjunctive delineation as defined in 64 CSR 3. This information is utilized in the assignment of “levels” to regulated ASTs. Specific changes may be found in the table below.

The “level” classification previously assigned to ASTs that are located within the new coverage areas will change.
WVDEP will incorporate these changes into the AST database and notify AST owners via email of their new AST level, as applicable. The level changes will be effective on October 15, 2020. Prior to the level changes becoming effective, you may view a map of the new coverage areas (see directions below). The map of new coverage areas provided by DHHR will be available on WVDEP’s website on or about August 28, 2020.
This information is intended to assist AST owners as they make AST management decisions. However, it is not final and considered “draft” information prior to October 15, 2020. The information is subject to change and may be incomplete. WVDEP anticipates annual updates to coverage zones will continue as water intakes are added or deleted.
You may view a map of the 2020 Source Water Coverage Update for ASTs by going to and completing the following steps:

  1. Click Agree 2.
  2. Click Layers (left side of the screen)
  3.  3. Check SWPA and click on the triangle to the left of the SWPA box to reveal the following sublayers.
    1. a. Check sublayers SB423 SWPA, SB423 ZCC, SB423 ZPC, and 2020 Source Water Coverage Update for AST’s 2020. It may take a moment for the coverage layers to load.
    2. b. Use the search bar located at the upper left corner of the map to search for a specific location.

Should you have any questions, please contact Joshua Hamrick by email at  or by phone at 304-(304) 926-0499, ext. 49758, Jenna Palmer at (304) 926-0499, ext.49737, or by email at, or Amaris Elliott at 304-926-0499 ext. 49740 or by email at .