The State Journal

For the first time ever…the newly formed Gas and Oil Association of West Virginia (formerly IOGAWV and WVONGA) is sponsoring a special insert tab in The State Journal.  This special tab will jointly focus on the recent merger of these two great Associations with a series of articles on the merger, the state of industry, and good news stories of the benevolence of those  GO WV members who provided much need assistance to those most greatly affected by the COVID pandemic.

GO WV invites all members take advantage of this opportunity to support the Association while at the same time, using this wonderful venue as a pathway to highlight your individual company and the products or services you provide that makes this industry great.

This is a great opportunity to share our industry’s story, but we need your help. Please purchase an ad in this special insert. The State Journal reaches business leaders across West Virginia and the United States, so you will not want to miss out on this opportunity to tell your company’s story to the state and nation as well as the industry that is moving West Virginia forward.

The GO WV insert tab will be placed in the March 8, 2021 issue of The State Journal.  The deadline to place your ad is Friday February 18th at 3:00 PM (Space Reservation).
You can submit your own advertisement, or The State Journal staff will assist you in a design.  To place your ad, please contact Lauren Mani at 304-395-3483 or via email at

State Journal offers special contract rates to GO WV members as shown here:

FULL PAGE: 9.937″X12.5 $1,600.00
ISLAND: 7.5″X10″ $1,150.00
1/2 PAGE: 10″X6.25″ $1,050.00
1/4 PAGE BANNER 9.9937″X3.5″ $600.00
1/4 PAGE SQUARE 5″X7″ $600.00

*All ads include full color