2022 New Gathering Line Regulations Review

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 | 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. | Zoom meeting | No charge to attend

In November 2021 the Pipeline Safety and Hazardous Material Administration (PHMSA) published new gathering line regulations that created two new gathering line classification.  These regulations became effective May 23, 2022, with additional deadlines in November 2022, and full effectiveness required by May 2023.

This webinar will review the new gathering lines regulations for Type C and Type R pipelines, and review the various regulatory requirements for these lines.  Attendees are encouraged to review the regulations as found in 49 CFR 192.8 and 192.9.  The regulations can be found at Gas Pipeline Safety Regulations

There is no charge to attend, but please register at the bottom of the page so we can share the event link with you.

Our Presenter

Mary Friend has been the Director of the Pipeline Safety Division of the Public Service Commission of West Virginia since 2014.   She is responsible for managing the pipeline safety program, scheduling the inspections, enforcement of pipeline regulations and working with other Federal and State authorities.

Mary joined the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s Pipeline Safety Office of Training and Qualification as a Pipeline Safety Specialist (Instructor) in October 2009.   She developed and taught courses for training Federal and State pipeline inspectors.

Mary began her career as a geologist in the Exploration and Development Department at Columbia Gas Transmission in Charleston, WV.  During her 30 years at Columbia, she worked a variety of jobs, including exploration and production, underground gas storage, pipeline operations, and pipeline safety affording her extensive gas transmission pipeline experience.  She retired from Columbia in October of 2009 as a senior engineer in Pipeline Safety.

Mary earned a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College in Easton, PA, and a master’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

She has been an active member of the Gas Piping Technology Committee since 2006, and is currently the acting 2nd vice chair.    Mary has participated in the development of industry standards such as the American Petroleum Institute’s RP 1170 for Gas Storage in Caverns, RP 1171 for Gas Storage in Depleted Reservoirs and Aquifers, and API RP 1182 for Construction, Operations and Maintenance of Large Diameter Rural Gas Gathering lines.

Mary is currently the vice chair of NAPSR.  As a member of NAPSR, she serves on many internal committees, and was awarded the 2018 Chairman’s award for Outstanding Service for her many contributions to improving pipeline safety.