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What creates the ideal environment for business relocation or expansion? Would you require a skilled labor force... plenty of land for building... or cooperative industrial development groups and local government? Come to Grant County and discover all these qualities and many more. You'll find that our area is a wise, natural choice for a growing business.

The community's economic base is diversified, not depending on a single industry for the area's financial well-being. Historically, agricultural pursuits have been the mainstay for the economy here, but they currently augment the more lucrative industries of coal mining, electric power generation and timbering.

The rich soil and topography is conductive to farming and yields top quality beef cattle and grain. The area has been blessed with rich mineral deposits, and the extraction of these makes a positive impact on the area's economy. Investments in power generation and transmission facilities serve to maintain low property tax rates within the county. Dominion Power, located on Mt. Storm Lake, is Virginia Power's largest coal-fired power station. The station's three generating units are capable of generation more than 1.6 million kilowatts of electricity (as much in one hour as 160 average homes consume in a year).

Mt. Storm Lake (1,200 acres) serves the station's needs and is also used as a public recreation area. Grant County boasts the largest windmill facility on the East Coast. The hardwood forests of Grant County provide the timbering industry with vast resources.

Furniture grade hardwood is harvested here, and is further processed by local industries into component parts and unique handcrafted items. A significant amount of hardwood lumber is also exported to foreign markets.

Rendering the area even more attractive for business is the ample supply of skilled laborers. A traditional work ethic is instilled in folks here and encourages stability and loyalty. Additionally, the local vocational center works with industry on customized training programs.

It is apparent that Grant County is the place for growing businesses and industries. Check out the attributes that are unique to our area. We are certain that you will be convinced that Grant County holds the trump card for your future prosperity! 



With a religious history dating back to the eighteenth century, Grant County has always been an area where religious freedom is respected and churches are revered. This reverence is evidenced by traditional values and a high regard for "hearth and home." With its small town qualities, Grant County enjoys a less complicated way of life that other areas can only dream of offering. Today churches serve the religious needs of Grant County residents. While the churches provide spiritual guidance for the entire congregation, many have special interest programs for groups within the church.

Churches also unite their congregations through numerous fellowship activities, such as ice cream socials, festive dinners and youth programs. Part of the local churches outreach into the community is through the Christian Food Pantry. A number of churches participate in this cooperative venture, distributing food to families in need. The food is either purchased by the churches or is obtained through collection drives held throughout the year.

Other outreach programs are implemented by the Grant County Ministerial Association, a coalition of representatives from area churches. The Association benefits the entire community through a variety of services, including a transient ministry. Assisting local residents with utility bills is one of the services provided by the Ministerial Association. It also encourages community worship activities, such as "Lenten Lunches" and the week of prayer for Christian Unity, providing speakers for these events.

Come and worship in our churches and enjoy the fellowship evident among our residents - you'll experience a long standing tradition of religious freedom and service to our neighbors and those in need.




Grant Memorial Hospital 

Grant Memorial Hospital is a regional health care facility located in the heart of the Potomac Highlands. Serving the area (Grant, Hardy and Pendleton Counties) for more than 50 years, Grant Memorial is licensed for 45 beds (25 acute and 20 long-term care) and employs over 350 professionals that provide skilled, nurturing care to those needing hospital services.  

The physicians, nurses and other medical professionals work in partnership to meet your healthcare needs. You will work closely with our team of professionals to design a health care plan just right for you.  

Grant Memorial wants to be a beacon of light to our community in our patients' times of need. Therefore, the symbol of our customer service values is a lighthouse. Our hospital values consist of Loyalty, Immediacy, Goodwill, Hospitality, Teamwork and Service. Need more information? Visit the hospital online at 

Nursing Home 

The Grant Rehabilitation & Care Center began operation in July 1983 and is a 110 bed facility providing both skilled and intermediate nursing care. In addition it provides nine (9) beds for assisted living residents. The facility offers the services of physical, occupational, and speech therapy for the residents.  

The facility has spacious lounges and wide hallways where the sun warms and brightens. The pleasant patio, with a gazebo, provides a protective exterior to enjoy the outdoors. The friendly staff at the facility is committed to helping the residents achieve a fullness of living with a concern for human dignity and worth. The goal is to work with each resident to achieve his or her highest level of function for daily living.  

The Grant County Nursing Home is located at 27 Early Avenue in Petersburg, WV and the phone number is 304-257-4233.

Development Authority



The mission of the Grant County Development Authority is to help businesses locate or expand in Grant County with a particular emphasis on those businesses that have the potential to benefit the residents, taxpayers and workers in the county. The GCDA exists to assist businesses that add to the quality of life in Grant County. Locating your business in Grant County just makes sense. We have all the ingredients it takes to make your business succeed: a well-developed infrastructure, a strong work ethic, a progressive-minded community, and cooperative county government agencies.

Have the best of both worlds when you locate your business in Grant County. Petersburg, the County seat, is the economic and cultural hub of the region. Grant Memorial Hospital is the only general hospital serving the Potomac Highlands, and the Grant County Airport is the only general aviation facility with a lighted runway in the region.

The Grant County Industrial Park in Petersburg is the terminus of the South Branch Valley Railroad, which transports products to the CSX Main Line at Green Spring, WV. The Mountain Top Industrial Park near Mt. Storm also has rail service provided by CSX.

Locating in Grant County is a wise choice for both your business and your family. The people and environment of Grant County provide a friendly and welcoming environment to work and raise a family.

The Grant County Development Authority has space available in three industrial parks. The Grant County Industrial park is located in Petersburg, adjacent to the airport and a rail line terminus of the South Branch Valley Railroad. The Business & Technology Park, also located in Petersburg just off US Route 220, contained several prime business locations. The Mountain Top Industrial Park in Mount Storm is located along the newly opened Corridor H near the Dominion power station

For additional information on locating your business in Grant County, please contact the Development Authority.

155 Technology Lane - PO Box 114
Petersburg, WV 26847




Involvement is the key to the successful schools of Grant County! 

Parents here are truly concerned with education of their children and go to great lengths to ensure that the future leaders of our country are getting the best education possible. Mesh parental involvement with enthusiastic teachers, dedicated administrators and a great deal of corporate support, and the result is a school system that enables students to reach their highest potential. In the schools, there is a special focus on increasing the students' self-esteem.

An additional highlight of the educational arena here is the support given by the local business and industry. Each school is linked with a "business partner" which provides needed materials as well as human resources for special events and projects. Recognizing that each student has the ability to learn and to make a contribution, the school system has implemented numerous programs designed to give students every opportunity available. At-risk children are identified before entering school and are enrolled in the "Head Start" program, which gives extra preparation to the disadvantaged youngsters. The schools also boast an active drop out prevention program which targets older students. Additionally, almost every age group is exposed to formidable drug awareness program.

High schools in Grant County prepare students with a numbering of challenging courses and extracurricular activities. Students planning to go on to college can pursue courses that will prepare them for post-secondary studies, while those who plan to enter the job market right out of high school can take advantage of a wide range of vocational programs at the South Branch Vocational Center. The high schools offer honors and advanced placement courses for the academically gifted. Students can also benefit from peer counseling and peer tutoring. Athletics are another part of the high school experience in Grant County, allowing students the chance to excel in team competition. Eastern WV Community College has a branch located in Petersburg. The automotive technology program is the only college level curriculum of this type in West Virginia and features a state of the art facility to educate students.

The learning environment in Grant County is unique indeed. Students benefit from a small town atmosphere where they get to know the teachers on a more personal basis, often associating with them away from school. The results are a more positive classroom environment with minimal disciplinary problems. Explore our outstanding area - you're sure to find it filled with the opportunities of a lifetime!

Learn more about Grant County Schools at




Grant County Airport

The Grant County Airport is located near the industrial park in Petersburg, WV just off of Johnson Run Road. It provides access in and out of the area for small commuter planes and jets for personal and business purposes. The airport boasts a 5000' paved runway with automated weather reporting and instrument landing capability. The Grant County Airport is the only general aviation facility in the region with a lighted runway. One unique recreational feature of Grant County is the Petersburg Wave, a rising column of air generated by strong west winds plunging over the Allegheny Front and deflected upward by ridges to the east.  Each year, many gliding enthusiasts set altitude records during the Petersburg Wave Camp. For additional information on the Grant County Airport, please contact them at 304-257-4435.

The local active Civil Air Patrol Squadron operates out of the Grant County Airport. This group is composed of cadets and seniors interested in aviation as well as search and rescue. For information on joining call 304-257-1707 or visit

Potomac Valley Transit Authority

The Potomac Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) provides public transportation to residents of Grant, Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral, and Pendleton Counties. The service began operating in October 1977 with five vehicles and has grown over the years to a twenty-six vehicle operation today.

PVTA services include regular route transportation to a variety of destinations including Petersburg, Franklin, Moorefield, Romney, Keyser, Winchester and Cumberland.

PVTA seeks to improve the quality of life for its riders by offering safe, convenient and affordable public transportation services. For more information about PVTA, please call 304-257-1414.