Committee Substitute for HB-4268
The Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act Passes!

IOGAWV is pleased to announce to its members that HB-4268, the Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act passed the full House of Delegates today! On February 15, Committee Substitute for House Bill 4268 passed the House of Delegates with two non-threatening amendments and was sent to the Senate where it was double referenced to Senate Energy Industry and Mining and Senate Judiciary committees for further consideration.  Both Senate committees passed Committee Substitute for House Bill 4268 unchanged from how it was received from the House of Delegates.   Then in the face of an effort to amend the bill from the Senate Floor on second reading to among other things, increase severance taxes to help fund PEIA for state employees, the bill passed the full Senate unchanged except for a minor, but necessary, committee title amendment.  Upon receiving the bill back from the Senate, the House concurred with the title amendment and passed the by a 58-41-1 vote.  This completes the legislative action on Committee Substitute for HB-4268.

The bill goes to Governor Justice for further action.  Although Governor Justice publicly stated that he will not veto the bill, he has five days from receiving the bill to exercise his options to veto the bill, sign the bill into law, or take no action and the bill becomes law without his signature.   Passage of House Bill 4268 was the primary legislative goal of IOGAWV.

Further information on passage of this bill can be obtained by calling Charlie Burd at 304-344-9867.