The Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia joins people around the world in celebrating Earth Day.

We believe environmental stewardship is a vital responsibility. Sustaining the planet for future generations must be a top priority for all of us.

Many IOGAWV member companies have announced their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and our industry is embracing the newest technologies and most innovative approaches to greatly exceed environmental standards at state and federal levels.

Natural gas is comprised of 95% methane, a greenhouse gas. Minimizing methane leakage into the atmosphere during the production and distribution of natural gas is a priority for the industry.

Did you know?

  • The oil and natural gas industry has invested more than $100 billion in mitigating technologies, and that’s nearly as much as the federal government since 2000.
  • Even as natural gas production has increased by more than 50% since 1990, methane emissions from natural gas exploration, production and distribution have dropped more than 14.
  • The U.S. has reduced its carbon emissions by 12% since 2005.
  • Emissions fell 190 million metric tons in 2019.
  • Industry investments have enabled the production of lower-sulfur fuel that powers ships around the world, reducing emissions by 85%.
  • The petrochemical industry, which utilizes our byproducts, is pioneering advanced recycling methods that reduce waste and lower emissions.