GO-WV Executive Director Charlie Burd released the following statement regarding Senator Joe Manchin’s tireless advocacy for West Virginia jobs and his leadership in Washington:

“Senator Joe Manchin has always vowed to protect the values of his constituents – the great people of West Virginia – while representing us in Washington, D.C., including the energy and natural gas sector that serves as our state’s economic backbone.

“As we have said in the past and as the Senator has said himself, West Virginia natural gas and oil is vital to meeting growing energy demands, and leveraging our state’s natural resources, coupled with innovation, will help solve energy challenges both here and abroad. Policies that unleash free market innovation will move West Virginia and our country’s economy forward while solving the most pressing issues of our day.

“Washington needs more politicians like Senator Manchin, and on behalf of the tens of thousands of West Virginians who produce and transport the lower carbon energy our country and world needs, we sincerely thank Senator Manchin for his unwavering support and principled leadership.”