Mount Storm Power Plant is located on Mt. Storm Lake in the rugged Allegheny Mountains of northeastern West Virginia. The 1,200-acre lake, built to serve the station, also serves as a public recreation area.

The Mt. Storm Power Station is the largest coal-fired power station managed by Dominion. Mt. Storm's three units can generate more than 1,600 megawatts of electricity - as much in one hour as 160 average homes use in one year.

Like any coal-burning power station, Mt. Storm produces airborne particles known as fly ash. After the hot combustion gases containing fly ash leave the station's boilers, they pass through multi-million dollar electrostatic precipitators. The precipitators function like giant electric air cleaners to remove 99 percent of the ash.

Mt. Storm Power Station also uses the latest technology to remove sulfur dioxide from the environment. Limestone scrubbers capture approximately 95 percent of the SO2 from the burners. Combined with the limestone slurry, the SO2 becomes solid gypsum and is stored in a landfill.

Brief Facts
Net Generating Capacity: 1,632 megawatts

Average Daily Coal Consumption: 15,000 tons

Station Employees: +/- 255

Generating Capacity by Unit:

Unit 1 - 563 megawatts
Unit 2 - 563 megawatts
Unit 3 - 567 megawatts

Commercial Operation:

Unit 1 - September 1965
Unit 2 - June 1966
Unit 3 - December 1973