The Grant County Airport is located near the industrial park in Petersburg, WV just off of Johnson Run Road. It provides access in and out of the area for small commuter planes and jets for personal and business purposes. The airport boasts a 5000' paved runway with automated weather reporting and instrument landing capability. The Grant County Airport is the only general aviation facility in the region with a lighted runway. One unique recreational feature of Grant County is the Petersburg Wave, a rising column of air generated by strong west winds plunging over the Allegheny Front and deflected upward by ridges to the east.  Each year, many gliding enthusiasts set altitude records during the Petersburg Wave Camp.
For additional information on the Grant County Airport, please contact them at 304-257-4435.

The local active Civil Air Patrol Squadron operates out of the Grant County Airport. This group is composed of cadets and seniors interested in aviation as well as search and rescue. For information on joining call 304-257-1707 or visit